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Toad Hall Famous Visitors

The residents of Toad Hall Hotel of today come from 50 different countries from all around the world. Almost any person in this world who has something to do with architecture has been to this place. This has been up to date what people call the University of United Nations sort to speak. Many people visited this University and Hotel.

People like foreign minister Julie Bishop or ANU scientist Graham Farquhar are just some of the famous visitors to this amazing hotel. Famous people have been gathering around this amazing building since it was first built in 1850. It has not become what it is today until 1974 but from that moment on, Toad Hall University and hotel are the object of great interest for people in architecture area mostly but others as well.

Toad Hall Famous Visitors

The spirit of Toad Hall

Toad Hall Famous VisitorsThe proof of famous people gathering around this building is the fact that it was designed by a well known and internationally acclaimed architect John Andrews. It is like a mortar and brick Australian monument to architecture which was meant to represent the free spirit of pure and sincere student activism that was popular in Australia during the late sixties. There are around 227 residents today and anyone is more than welcome to become a Today by choosing. It is like a huge community and I would be really interested in coming there for some period of time. It would be more than great to see that fantastic building and the old architecture style that is still capturing people’s breath even today. This hotel is so multi-culturally rich that it has its own Toad Hall Multicultural Festival. Of course, since this is a very important activity, many important representatives of those 50 countries would gather there for such an occasion.

One can only imagine how many famous visitors are there on that single event. Official and political representatives, heads of other fellow universities and well as deacons, scientists, professors and doctors, athletes and various trainers, nominated students and sports champions, reporters and journalists, Australian high esteemed representatives as well as many others from the countries around Australia. It is actually that festival that is a part of the year when a potential guest should pay a visit to this incredible hotel. Being a part of such highly regarded tradition is considered an honor in some countries.

People tend to say that you can leave Toad Hall Hotel but it can not leave you. It will always remain in your memories and mind as something most beautiful. People also say that you just can not forget about the time you have spent at Toad Hall and that guests tend to come back over and over again because of that time. It is just my thought but I would say that anyone who is considering paying a visit to Toad Hall is heading for the most exciting adventure of his life for sure. Becoming a Toady means becoming responsible.