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Toad Hall History

Toad Hall in central Melbourne, where thousands work in offices in the CBD, has an architectural significance as a building. It was designed in the Late Modern style around the 20th century. The brilliant mind that stands behind it was a man called John Andrews and he became a member shortly afterward of the Australian architecture society called the Order of Australia. This made him internationally acclaimed as an architect. It even brought him the RAIA Gold Medal somewhere around 1980.

In my personal opinion, he was an architectural genius. In March 1974, Toad Hall was erected as the University and it was opened to various students and people of science from all over the world. This building was known as the first self-catered building and it was a lot different from traditional buildings like Colleges and Halls from that time.

The use of Toad Hall through time

This amazing and monumental building was used for the Australian National University and it is one of the most important buildings in Australia. Numerous international and Australian students have gained their knowledge here. This academic residence has become a home to all these students and it can provide them all with countless opportunities for cultural, sporting, social or intellectual engagement. It was intended for students who want to become independent and it was mostly meant to house more mature undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The name derives from a novel meant for kids called The Wind in the Willows. Sullivan’s Creek is not far away from the building, that is actually how it got its name, by the trees that have stood there for ages on those banks. When you look at the trees, you can see that there is a hall setting among the trees.

Toad HallThis beautiful and outstanding building has a long heritage listing but here are the three most prominent ones. The Royal Australian Institute of Architects, ACT Heritage Register and Commonwealth Heritage List. Now, with the references like these, I can only say words of praise for an old building like Toad Hall is.

If you, as an individual, are seeking a place that could support your independent way of life that will be in collision with the interest in the most beautiful piece of architecture in Australia, then you should most definitely visit the Toad Hall Hotel as it will certainly deliver what you are looking for, while delicately leaving a piece of it in you.