While I was writing this review, I really enjoyed myself through the research I have done about this outstanding building. This hotel is highly accessible and the looks of it are literally mindblowing. It is a very old building and that has its charms on its own. Any budget traveler can settle here. You will be welcomed as a friend with warmth and expect nothing but the most comfortable and the cleanest accommodation that you could ever imagine. The hotel has found its refuge in the heart of the Melbourne so any guest with the adventurous spirit will get a chance to wander around if he or she pleases so. The listed heritage of Toad Hall is very wealthy and it only adds up to the already overwhelming charm of this magnificent building. Even though it is not as important as it was 50 years ago, this charming little building is the most known hotel in Australia today.

Facilities and Features

Toad Hall

I would give points to Toad Hall Hotel for being easily accessible. This means that you can use any form of public transportation in order to reach it. Also, what is the best about it is that all Melbourne services like the airport, Central Railway Station, markets, cathedrals, churches, retailers, cinemas and theaters, everything is at the reach of your hand. A short walk is what keeps you away from all these attractions. It is possible to rent a single room or make a booking. School, senior or group bookings are what Toad Hall Hotel is mostly known for. One of the good things for sure would be a fact that you can rent a dorm for just 20$.

Here are just some of the features that a guest can expect.

Toad Hall Free parking that is completely safe and off street, BBQ area in the courtyard garden, guest laundry and storage for their luggage, the possibility of making a free security deposit, all rooms have been provided with fridges and cooking facilities as well as fans and heaters and towels and linen that are for free, satellite and TV rooms, food storage facilities and self-catering services, areas for dining and kitchen, restricted area for smokers as smoking is allowed only in the garden which makes a cozy non-smoking environment, security and 24/7 guest services, in house pay phones and free time Internet and security lockers that are at their disposal whenever the guests want it.

With the possibility of making reservations, I would like to conclude my review with the best impressions that I have got.

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